what is gas/flatulence?

It is defined as the accumulation of gases in the stomach and intestines that are produced as a result of digestive and other fermentation processes. These gases cause digestive gas accumulation that passes through the anus. It may result in discomfort and pain.

what are the causes of gas/flatulence?

The intestinal gas is composed of gases from the external source like engulfed atmospheric air and from internal sources like flatulence. The common causes of gas are:

  •  Indigestion
  •  Incomplete digestion
  •  Fermentation of food in the intestines causes gas
  •  Food rich in carbohydrates like potatoes, breads, wheat, oats, beans, lentils etc produce flatus

What are the symptoms of gas/flatulence?

  •  Bloating and distension in the abdomen- The accumulation of gas makes the person feel entrapped and distended.
  •  Pain in the abdomen due to discomfort
  •  Excessive flatus production
  •  Incontinence of flatus
  •  Offensive smell from flatus

Ayurved Treatment of gas/flatulence

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