Garbh Sanskar Ayurved Antenatal Care


Garbh Sanskar stands in the middle of two major rituals This whole journey of Garbh Sanskar is designed and followed as per the monthly development of fetus and for each organ to develop at its adequate time of gestational age. Garbh (Fetus) + Sanskar (Developmental and Educational ritual) is an Ayurved / ancient Indian practice to influence the physical, mental and behavioural evolvements through the progressive stages of an unborn baby at the Gestational Age'.

As per Ayurveda, Garbh Sanskar is a voluntary process that aids your baby's development within the womb. According to this belief, as your little one develops and grows inside the womb, she can consume knowledge through you just like she consumes the vital growth nutrients. Garbh Sanskar is one of the 16 sanskars prescribed for human beings. This is very important. It is highly beneficial for physical development, for the development of the brain of the fetus. If Garbh Sanskar is described in fewer words, then it means educating the child from the time of conception.

Prenatal care is crucial for pregnant women, as organogenesis is completed by the first 280 days. The first 280 days in the womb significantly impact an individual's mental and physical health. Ayurveda offers preconception care, including Garbhadhana, which promotes psychological tranquillity, body purification, and treatment methods. Adequate food, lifestyle modifications, Panchakarma, yoga, and pranayama are advised for better fertility.

A must prenatal education (Garbh sanskar) for expected mothers which includes right from pregnancy to delivery and baby care. A completed information series.

What are Garbh Sanskar activities for a pregnant woman?

Garbh Sanskar advises that a pregnant woman should be emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually healthy. With some lifestyle changes, transforming mind and body is possible. Dr Garje Ayurved has taken this as the cornerstone of all its sections.

Prasooti Tantra (Matru Swasthyam) (Obstetrics ):

Matru Swasthyam Loka Swasthyam” as the saying a goes only if the mother is healthy will she be able to give birth to a healthy baby. Ayurveda specializes in providing maternal health with utmost care and vigilance by advising:

GARBHA STHAPANA – A unique Ayurvedic therapy through nasal route advocated in the 1 st trimester of pregnancy during Pushyanakshatra days . This ensures stability of the embryo which in turn yields a healthy foetus. Also prevents Recurrent Abortions by rendering strength to the Uterus


Month wise care is provided with Aushadha (medicine), Aahara (diet /nutrition) ,yoga and pranayama, with music therapy to have easy and uncomplicated delivery along with contemporary Ante Natal Care (ANC).


Understand your baby’s development week wise, Changes in your body. Learn the development and its dietary requirement.

2 ) AYURVED AAHAR Diet, Nutrition during pregnancy.

Dietary advice according to babys growth, Trimester wise eating habits, foods to be avoided during pregnancy. Importance of protein, folic acid, Iron, calories during pregnancy an inclusion of food accordingly. Garbh Sanskar promotes a balanced diet with fresh, prepared food, including all six rasas (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent) to maintain balance in the tridoshas and pancha mahabhutas during pregnancy.


It is also proved that foetus also responds to the music and Mantra. From the seventh month onwards, foetus can hear the sounds from mothers womb and from the surroundings of mother and also responds to them.


Pregnancy meditation can help manage stress and irritable thoughts, which can harm the baby and cause complications like infections, low birth weight, and premature labour. Regular meditation can help prevent chronic health problems in adults, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.


Yoga aids in pregnancy preparation, soothing aches and pains, and improving blood circulation and oxygenation, easing stress and releasing beneficial hormones to the unborn baby.

PRASAVA PARICHARYA: Specialised treatments which facilitate normal vaginal delivery, start well before the process of onset of labour during the 9 th month of pregnancy Therapies such as , Basti , Lepa, Abhyanga etc are advised during pregnancy, to ease the process of vaginal delivery, enhance the pain threshold of the parturient and prevent complications during labour which may ultimately resort to assisted labour and Caesarian section.

    Prepared Childbirth : Instruction for Labour and Birth

  •  Birth process
  •  Signs and symptoms of labour
  •  Stages of labour,
  •  When to go to the hospital and what to bring with you
  •  Physical and emotional recovery after birth.

Topics include breathing techniques and progressive relaxation to reduce stress. Benefit of breathing exercise during labour.

SUTIKA PARICHARYA : Series of regime , post-delivery includes Pathyahaara, Vyayama, Abhyanga, Sootika snana, Dhoopana, Pattabandhana etc. for achieving Vata shamana , which invariably helps in involution of uterus and improvement of Lactation and thus a healthy transformation to the Pre-Pregnant state.

BREAST FEEDING AWARENESS : Invoking awareness among young mothers with the concept of “Breast feeding – the Best feeding”! Encouraging expectant mothers and young mothers to exclusively breast feed the baby during initial six months of infant life and continue Breastfeeding till completion of 1 year. Awareness involves explaining various unparalleled –longterm benefits to the baby and its positive impact over the mother’s health in prevention of menopausal syndrome and disorders like Carcinoma

    Benefits of Garbh Sanskar for the Baby in their Adulthood
  •  Long-term strength of immune system.
  •  Development brain.
  •  Better confidence and self-esteem.
  •  Significantly lowering baby's chances of depression in later life
  •  Making baby feel loved and wanted
  •  Training of future citizen in utero and much before that to beget high ranked personalities
  •  To elevate the physical, psychological, spiritual and health status of foetus
  •  To combat the social problems like corruption, criminal tendency and addictions which are the indications of Heena sattva.
  •  To combat increased ADHD, Autism spectrum disorders, depression, psychological illness and to promote healthy progeny.
  •  To combat personal health problems like allergies, neurological problems, psychological problems, easy susceptibility to addictions and infections by increasing psychological physical immunity.

Dr. Seema Garje has acquired special expertise in the subject of fetal rites. She has completed a post-graduate certificate course in Garbhasankar Ayurved AnteNatal Care from National Ayurveda University and has been successfully working in the field of Ayurveda Antenatal Care in Navi Mumbai for about 10+ years. Thousands of expectant mothers have benefited from this special treatment

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