Endometriosis management with Ayurveda

Endometriosis is the growth of endometrial tissue at various abdominal sites outside the uterus instead of its normal position that is Uterus. This hormonally active tissue which bleeds on monthly basis may end up growing around the Fallopian tubes, pelvic area, ovaries, rectum, intestinal area etc. Consequently, this endometrial tissue grows and sheds at abnormal places and creates lots of pain in the pelvis, lower abdomen area, and around the uterus.

Common Symptoms Found In Endometriosis Are -

  •  Lower abdominal pain
  •  Severe backache
  •  Dysmenorrhea
  •  Menorrhagia
  •  Bloody urine
  •  Pain during defecation
  •  Painful intercourse
  •  Heavy or irregular bleeding
  •  Infertility
  •  Repetitive abortions
  •  Repetitive IVF failures.
  •  Some women with endometriosis Suffers no pain and symptoms

TREATMENT OF ENDOMETRIOSIOS WITH AYURVEDA Management of endometriosis with Ayurveda

Since, it is developed due to accumulation of Doshas in the tissues, Ayurvedic treatment of Endometriosos focuses on the elimination of toxins, Improving digestion, proper nutrition and balance of Mind and Soul. Ayurveda approaches on self healing power of body. We balance the doshas and disease is cured. We focus on-

  •  Nidana Parivarjana - Excess intake of Junk food, oily, spicy, fermented food products etc.
  •  Detoxification - Shodhana with Ayurveda to remove toxins from body. Organ cleansing like liver, kidney dotoxification. This is done with Panchakarma treatment. Like- vaman, virechan, yogbasti / matrabasti ,shirodhara
  •  Digestive issues are resolved with Ayurvedic herbal Medications. It focuses on Agni Deepan and proper nutrition.
  •  This way, we at the Ayurvedic clinic for Endometriosis treatment in Navi Mumbaii, India are treating the Endometriosis successfully under the guidahnce of Best Ayurveda Doctor in Navi Mumbai.