constipation @ Dr.Garje Ayurved Panchakarma Clinic

Inability to completely evacuate the bowels or passing very hard stools is known as Constipation or Vibandh in Ayuveda. This prevalent problem is due to an incorrect lifestyle and poor eating patterns. If not treated or if treatment is delayed, it can lead to further problems such as fissures, fistulas, piles, lack of appetite and indigestion.

Causes of Constipation

  •  The basic cause is weak digestive power that results from irregular and incorrect eating patterns, not taking in enough fluids, taking a diet that is low in fiber, a sedentary lifestyle, and bowel evacuation habits that are poor.
  •  These all lead to incomplete digestion of the food, which is not expelled by the intestines and causes the formation of ama (mucus).
  •  Foods that are heavy and difficult to digest, as well as oily, spicy, fried, and junk foods are the culprits.
  •  Eating food in a disturbed atmosphere or in front of the television and being awake late at night all lead to bowel disturbance. Psychological factors like stress, anxiety, fear, jealousy, and sorrow also play an important role.


  •  Indigestion (dyspepsia)
  •  Abdominal pain
  •  Nausea
  •  Flatulence
  •  Pain at the anus
  •  Heaviness of body
  •  Lack of appetite
  •  Acid eructation (belching)