Gout-arthritis @ Dr.Garje Ayurved Panchakarma Clinic

Gout is a painful metabolic disease resulting in inflammation and the deposition of uric acid in the cartilages of the joints. Gout first affects the big toe causing it to swell and become very painful. In the next stages it spreads to the ankles, knees, joints of hands and feet, the wrist and elbow.


Normally, uric acid dissolves and goes through the urine via the kidneys. But if the body is producing too much uric acid or if the body is not excreting enough uric acid, it starts accumulating in the body. This build up results in the formation of sharp, needle like crystals. When they accumulate in the joints or surrounding tissues, it causes pain, inflammation and swelling.

Various genetic and environmental factors lead to increased uric acid levels in the blood, either by decreasing he excretion of uric acid or by increasing its production. In about 75 % of patients, genetic deformity contributes to increased uric acid levels by decreased uric acid excretion through urine.


  •  Fever
  •  Swelling
  •  Pricking pain
  •  Itching
  •  Burning sensation
  •  Swollen joints
  •  Change of colour of the skin
  •  Pain and redness in the small joints of the body.

Other disease manifestation
Gout and increased uric acid levels in blood often associated with high BP, obesity, diabetes mellitus, ischemic heart diseases etc.

Serum urate level increase is appreciable. But it is not only the diagnostic criterion. The clinical symptoms should also be taken into consideration.

In Ayurveda, gout is known as Vatarakt, as the main dosha involved is vata and it affects rakt dhatu. Vitiation (impairment) of vata dosha and rakt dhatu is caused by increased intake of spicy, sour, salty, alkaline, heavy and penetrating foods. The impaired doshas travel through the channels of the body and get accumulated at the smaller joints causing damage to the tissues and bones of the joint resulting in vatarakt.

Excessive anger, waking up late in the night, sleeping in the daytime, excessive travelling, trauma, overindulgence in physical exercises, excessive sexual activity and suppressing the natural urges of the body can also lead to gout.

Treatment of gout

In terms of treatment, the first choice is for treatment via an alteration of dietary regimen. Low oxalate and low-uric acid forming foods and a low meat diet is to be encouraged.

High fibre, low protein foods should be emphasized, old rice (but not fresh rice), It is critical in the treatment of Gout that the patient is kept well hydrated.

Ayurvedic treatment for gout comprises of herbal medicines that help the body eliminate uric acid and herbs and therapies aimed at reducing the inflammation.

The Panchakarma therapies that are effective in relieving inflammation are

  •  Dhanyamladhara-(pouring fermented liquid over the inflamed joint)
  •  Tailadhara -( Pouring medicated oil) on the affected part and
  •  Tiktaksheer Basti -(Medicated milk enema) are very effective in protecting the joints affected by Gouty arthritis.
  •  aloulacharna -Leech Application Therapy

Ayurvedic Treatment for Gouty Arthritis at Dr.Garje Ayurved Panchakarma Clinic

At GARJE AYURVED, we offer effective treatment for Gouty Arthritis through a combination of our proprietary Ayurvedic formulations and Traditional Ayurvedic combinations.

We have over the years perfected the art and science of treating Gouty-arthritis through Ayurved avoiding the need for Synthetic medicines in a vast majority of patients.

We advise a preventive approach to Gouty arthritis as well. Because Gouty-arthritis is metabolic in nature it tends to recur and so we advise patients who have just started developing mild problems to take care of their diet and also administer some of our formulations for prevention of further episodes.

For those who have more severe symptoms, we also advise them to undergo a full course of detox and strengthening therapies once a year to be followed by short courses of detox and strengthening therapy performed over three days once in three to four months, so as to prevent further attacks and to keep joints strong.

We have found that patients who follow our protocol are able to prevent further attacks and prevent deterioration of their joint condition

Why Dr.Garje Ayurved Panchakarma Clinic?

  •  Dr.Garje Ayurved Panchakarma Clinic’streatment provides a very effective solution
  •  We uses proprietary formulae and protocols perfected with years of experience.
  •  The treatment alleviates the need for powerful drugs.
  •  It enhances quality of life.
  •  The treatment offered is time-tested, safe and effective
  •  The treatment is natural and holistic
  •  Patients can continue to live life with renewed confidence